Apple — The Spark

Dive into the creative mind of Cuco and watch how he uses the Notes App to create his trippy new song Under the Sun. 

The Spark is an Apple documentary series exploring the origin stories of some of culture’s biggest songs and the creative journeys behind them.

In Episode One, we follow Mexican American singer-songwriter and visionary indie artist, Cuco. A deep dive into how he brings a song to life from first note, to final lyric, Cuco explains how Under the Sun took him over a year to finish. A song that explores magical realism, Under the Sun is an ode to Cuco's Latino roots. 

This series is one of the first-ever branded content series that Apple has created on YouTube. We launched it on Apple's Youtube page through a series of owned and earned media from Cuco's fan base.


Geo Panch is a creative art director based in Los Angeles — CA.

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