Apple — Isso é iPhone

Latin America's first-ever iPhone campaign created to debunk myths and help people switch over to iPhone 

“A phone you can pass down, from generation to generation.”

A series of one-shot films directed by Max Malkin in Brazil and Mexico where we told simple stories that highlighted the benefits of iPhone compared to other smartphones. The films were shot in Mexico and Brazil with real street casting in order to capture the authenticity of the Latam market.

These films were translated into both Spanish + Portuguese and broadcasted on major networks throughout Central and South America. This helped showcase the truths about iPhone and created millions of switchers to join the Apple family.

“A phone you know how to use, before you ever use it.”

“A battery that lasts, as long as you do.”

“The best apps, to get the best of you.”

Geo Panch is a creative art director based in Los Angeles — CA.

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