Apple — 5G Just Got Real

A partnership between Apple and Verizon this campaign starring Chris Rock showcases all of the advantages that the new iPhone 12 Pro has with Verizon's 5G Ultra Wide. 

In this film, directed by Wayne McClammy, Chris Rock reminisces about life before iPhone 12 Pro with Verizon 5G. We watch as Chris guides us through his lavish home highlighting all the benefits of the first 5G iPhone. He reminds viewers of the days when things were slow and trying to watch, “Bigger and Blacker,” took so long to download that Chris was “older and thinner.” 

During Apple's "Hi, Speed" event we dropped the cobranded film on TV and online. It was well-received with millions of impressions and Creativity Editor's Pick of the Day. 


Geo Panch is a creative art director based in Los Angeles — CA.

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