Apple — Lady Gaga

Stupid Love is an epic sci-fi music video shot entirely on iPhone 11 Pro for Gaga's lead single from her sixth studio album, Chromatica.  

The film directed by Daniel Askill was Lady Gaga’s first music video in years. When she released her new single "Stupid Love" we dropped the accompanying Shot on iPhone 11 Pro music video on Apple's and Gaga's social channels. Little monsters everywhere went crazy. The idea of her on a journey with a band of misfits to the promised land evolved with the help of her creative team to a fictional world Chromatica. Gaga leads the "Kindness Punks", and performs flawless choreography with groups of dance warriors, each with their own magical color. 

After our Selena Gomez Shot on iPhone film, we continued the campaign with Gaga, and her film was even more successful with over 150 million views on Youtube and a perfect partnership for her to announce her new music coming out.


Geo Panch is a creative art director based in Los Angeles — CA.

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