Goin' Up — Network

Goin' Up has been cultivating the creative community since 2016. We connect people, brands, and creative foundations to support and grow the innovators of the future in our local creative networks. 

In 2016, Andrew Lindley and I started a mixer for members of the advertising, marketing, and tech industries to provide an excuse to network, drink, and get the creative juices flowing. Since then we have expanded our scope to foster relationships of over 4,000+ people across the creative community and have raised +$30,000 for various charities.

We have made it our mission to grow our community, partners, and the numerous foundations that are shaping the future of the industries that we love by creating a platform of reciprocal support (and fun). Whether we're throwing parties, raising money, or sending intro emails we are all about bringing people together to do awesome stuff.

Geo Panch is a creative art director based in Los Angeles — CA.


hello@geopanch.com +12015224004